Why choose Flare Photo Booth?

Photo booths have been capturing memories for decades. But, enhancing weddings and other special events with a photo booth is an up-and-coming craze that is quickly becoming a necessity. Providing great food, drinks, and music is a no-brainer, but don’t forget about adding some “Flare.” Photographs are wonderful mementos of your special day, and photo booths bring out unconventional, fun moments that aren’t created by traditional photographers or personal cameras. Everyone – young and old – will have a blast in the photo booth. And you’ll have great photos to cherish and laugh at over and over again. Add some “Flare” to your event today!

Flare Photo Booth offers:

  • Unlimited high-quality photos
  • Choice of B&W or Color prints upon entering the photo booth
  • Fun and wacky props in our “Pieces of Flare” prop box
  • Professional-grade printer that prints two 2×6 strips in seconds with NO chemicals to dry or smear
  • Stylish photo booth that accommodates up to 8 guests at a time
  • Top of the line, high-quality equipment
  • Personalized photo strip graphic for your event
  • Photos available online the next day to download and order
  • Friendly on-site technicians
  • Portable photo booth that can go anywhere


photo_booth_1Photo booths are great because each photo session is unique. Your guests’ imaginations will run wild with all the “Pieces of Flare” in our prop box, included free for every event. We don’t stop at boas and over-sized sunglasses. We offer dozens of options that will intrigue absolutely anyone. If Grandma and Grandpa want to wear his and hers Viking helmets or your wacky aunts want to dress up like the Village People, no problem – Flare Photo Booth has you covered! You can even create your own custom props with dry erase thought bubbles and chalk boards. We have so many “Pieces of Flare” that you and your guests will probably have a hard time deciding what to choose. But have no fear because you can visit the photo booth as many times as you’d like! Take advantage of unlimited photo sessions during your event and come back again and again with different costumes and poses. The sky’s the limit!

Our photo booth is the highest-quality on the market, and we are proud to give you the very best offering in the Chicagoland area. Our professional photo booth makes other home-made fabric photo booths look like amateurs. Your guests will be impressed with the state-of-the-art photo booth and high-resolution images. Flare Photo Booth’s sleek black booth matches any décor, and is great for both indoor and outdoor venues. The photo booth is 72 inches tall x 36 inches wide and 70 inches in length, and can accommodate up to 8 guests at a time. Each session starts with the selection of B&W or Color on the touch-screen inside the booth. Once you’re ready to go, four images will be taken on the top-of-the-line camera. Then, the professional-grade printer prints two high-resolution 2×6 strips in 15 seconds with NO chemicals to dry or smear.

Flare Photo Booth lets you customize your photo strip graphic absolutely free! Add your logo and event details to create a special memento that’s truly distinct. Photo booth photo strips are a unique party favor that your guests will enjoy more than a personalized knick-knack. Plus, you have the option of getting a personalized scrapbook filled with picture memories and messages from all your guests. It’s a win-win! If you’re looking to double the favor as a place card, we have photo sleeves and frames that add some protection for the photos and serve as a reminder to visit the photo booth. And all high-resolution images are available in our password protected online gallery the next day so you can view, download, and order extra prints of your favorite shots.